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In the near future most printed material will be available online through web based internet services. Printed advertising today points most of the time to web addresses instead of paying the money to advertise the product in detail.

A typical example for this type of marketing is real-estate agencies. Also there is still a lot of printed material available, more and more agencies are offering e-brochures through their web sites. You select what you want and print your own hardcopy if you need it. Other retail industries are going in the same direction.

To get you started we offer complete internet  application services from domain registration and application design via implementation to ongoing maintenance. With our recently developed and released D.Y.O. web we provide a “standard” web site that allows the owner of that site to setup and maintain the content direct, eliminating the ongoing cost for web site maintenance.

Give us a call or email us info@helpit.com.au to discuss your current and future needs. We can get you started in no time and for much less money than you may think.

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