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Staying ahead of the competition
Doing business these days without a proper representation on the internet is not really feasible anymore. Your customers and suppliers expect that you have a web site to represent your company, and email account(s) to communicate with you in a quick and efficient manner - no matter which line of business you are in.
To get the initial setup of your web site will probably have cost you quite some money and the result is hopefully what you expected at that point in time. Unfortunately most lines of business are not dealing with a static data environment, so you are faced with the challenge to have your web site updated on a regular basis.
To get this done you will probably have to pay the original designer, or you shop around for someone else who could do it for less money. No matter which way you go, it is an ongoing expense to keep your site up-to-date, even if it is only to replace a single picture or update an email address.
Due to companies trying to save this ongoing expense we find a lot of web sites that are out-of-date, representing these companies in a bad way on the all important media Internet.
The solution!
Being in the business of consulting, project management and web design we were often faced with the same challenge from the other side of the fence. On the one hand you want to be fair to your customer who paid you money to develop the original web site; on the other hand we cannot provide ongoing service for free.
We looked at the option to empower you, the owner of the web site, to maintain it yourself. If this can be done you save all the money for ongoing maintenance and keep an up-to-date web site. The challenge was to develop a solution that does not need internet programming skilled customers. If you had that skill set already you would probably have done your own site in the first place.
So we developed Do Your Own web. What is it? Simply said it’s a standard product that puts you, the customer, in the driving seat to enter and maintain all the data you want to have on your web site without learning any internet programming language.
Have a look at the feature list to see that this is the web site tool you have been looking for. Our service includes at a fixed price:
  • registration of your domain name
  • installation of D.Y.O.web on the hosting site.
  • In-house training and initial set-up of the site
  price: on request


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