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Managing your resources in the most efficient way is what everybody wants. It will enable you to maintain the right level of resources at any point in time. Changing situations however may create scenarios where your mobile resources are not available as expected and in turn will cause conditions where you cannot meet your commitments and your customer’s expectations. 

If you are managing a fleet of vehicles you do have the need to manage these vehicles in a proper way. Scheduling systems do help for sure but what about changing traffic situations, breakdown of vehicles or the driver being lost?

Many fleet operators today use mobile phones for communication between the driver and the control centre. This is ok if you just want to chat to the driver. What however if your customer calls, asking where the expected delivery is? You try to call the driver and he may or may not answer the phone. You ask him where he is and have to rely on his answer to guess when the delivery will finally reach your customer. 

Would it not be much better to have visibility of your fleet and being immediately informed if something goes wrong? Not only would you be able to pre-empt the customer call, you would also be able to see where the vehicle is and how long it will take to get to its final destination. 

At  RFID Australia   we provide you with inexpensive solutions to solve all these problems. In-Vehicle units are connected to vital points of the vehicle, informing you immediately of any "exception" condition. A pre-programmed mobile number allows the driver to talk to the control centre at any time. The position of the vehicle is transmitted via the GSM network to your control centre where it is displayed on a digital map. Getting the current position of each vehicle is only one click away.



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